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New York

24 Hour Market News

US Closing Report

April 12, 2018

US cash equity markets are broadly higher at the closing bell amid further indications that US President Trump will take a more measures approach to Syria (DJIA +1.2%, S&P +0.8%, NASDAQ +1.0%). He tweeted earlier today that an attack could happen “very soon or not so soon at all”. Investors also welcomed news that Trump has asked his administrations to study the possibility of re-entering the trade pact negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Stocks did wobble slightly this afternoon after a CNBC sources story suggested the US where considering striking eight potential targets. US officials have already arrived at the White House for a meeting on Syria and we should get some details later today. Both US government bond yields and the Dollar are higher for the day as they continue to derive support from yesterday’s FOMC minutes. There was not much reaction to the US $13.0 Bln 30-year bond auction which stopped through around 0.2 basis points. Elsewhere in FX, Sterling remains the outperformer while the perceived safe-haven currencies (Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc) are at the bottom of the G10 pile. US crude oil futures settled at $67.07 (+$0.25).

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