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New York

About Sigma Squawk

About Sigma Squawk

Sigma Squawk has been providing an un-paralleled service to a global client base since 2005. From Investments Banks, Hedge Funds and IDB’s through Trading Arcades and Independent Traders, Sigma has consistently achieved a high level of accuracy delivered in real time aiding our clients through some of the Financial Markets most testing times.

Why use Sigma Squawk

  • Gain a competitive edge on breaking news events over other market participants.
  • React faster to market moving news; an audio news feed allows a trader the freedom to focus on the markets and his trading terminal.
  • Our service is selective, only broadcasting market moving news allowing the broadcast to cut through background noise heightening its impact.
  • At Sigma Squawk we believe that we can provide news faster than any other audio service as our superior low latency software is the fastest available.
  • A tailored service; our analysts will listen to your needs and undertake market research on your behalf.
  • Sigma Squawk has contacts in most major news agencies as well an extensive global network of professionals providing a unique, in depth insight from all types of market participants.

The Technology

Reliable internet based broadcast software requiring low to medium bandwidth (broadband recommended) operating with virtually no latency whilst producing excellent audio quality. Please feel free to listen to the below example.

WARNING: The Above is a recording